Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks


In June 2014, I released my first cookbook, Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks, with Storey Publishing. The book comprises 75 recipes that college students can make (and customize) on the fly, using only the ingredients and equipment found in a dining hall. You can buy it on Amazon, or wherever books or sold.

What led me up to the book: I worked as a marketing consultant for Dartmouth Dining Services, where I served as a liaison between the student body and the dining administration, and assisted in creating menus, guest dinners, and promotions. Even earlier than that, I originated a weekly column for The Dartmouth called “The DDS Detective,” where every week, I would come up with a different recipe that students could make in the campus’ different dining establishments. I decided to take the recipes from my column, universalize them for any college campus, and add a bunch more. And so Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks was born.